AI-Accelerated Bioprocessing
Delivering life saving, world changing biology. Faster.
By unleashing the true power of biotech data.
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Making the complex simple
The Opvia Platform
Using AI and automation to create a solid data foundation...

The Opvia platform automates away the pain, providing a single source of truth across scientists and teams.  Empowering scientists to do more. Faster.

Secure data storage
AI Data Curation
AI Feature Extraction
So scientists can generate deep insights. Fast.

Enabling scientists to manage their data like software engineers manage code. So teams can collaborate, learn and build solutions to enable faster decisions, using the deepest insights from the data.

Collaborative Workspace
Customisable Workflows
Deep ML Analysis
The future of manufacturing
Biomanufacturing is transforming our world.

Biology is better at manufacturing things than humans ever will be. From more effective medicines, to sustainable sources of food. However, biomanufacturing challenges are preventing them from coming to market.

Accelerating Biopharma with AI


Biologics are transforming healthcare. New technologies like gene therapies will cure diseases, not just treat them. We're working with biopharma companies to bring these transformative treatments to patients.

Helping deliver next generation products

Synthetic Biology

From cultured meat to bioplastics, synthetic biology will transform our world. However, many of these products can't yet reach markets due to the technical challenges of process development. We're working with the best companies in the space to make this happen faster.

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Product update: Raman Spectroscopy
Nov 26, 2019

At Opvia we have delivered our first integration. The ability to use Raman spectroscopy easily and with confidence throughout bioprocessing, and with more accuracy than ever before.

BioprocessUK Conference 2019 Liverpool
Feb 21, 2019

We'll be at this years BioprocessUK conference up in Liverpool. Let us know if you're going to be there and let's chat!

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