The best biotech teams are built on unified data.
Join the next generation of biotechnology R&D by connecting your scientists, data and analytics all in one place on the Opvia Cloud platform.
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Powering next-gen BiotechNOLOGY Teams
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Enabling data-driven biotechnology R&D
The Opvia Cloud is the first flexible, open platform purpose built for scientists.
Structured experimental data, analytics and lab management all in one place.

Scientists in sync

Everything connected and in one place. Instantly collaborateĀ from experiment design through to analysis.

Powerful insights

Create flexible, reusable protocols to do anything fromĀ calculations to image processing and more.

Traceable results

Trace your data from reports back to the samples with a click. Produce results you can trust.

Our Features

Collaborative Reporting

Utilise our integrated electronic lab notebook (ELN) to build experimental reports alongside your team. Add notes, your protocols and your analysis. Assign tasks, make comments, quick-share and more.

Instant Data Organisation

Easily capture experimental data directly from instrumentation and store it in a consistent structure within a familiar spreadsheet interface.

Rapid Data Insights

Experimental design and your structured results are automatically connected, enabling analysis of your data within seconds. Save any chart within the ELN for collaborative visualisation.

Comparisons With Ease

With all your data stored in a consistent structure, you can easily compare your results with those of historical experiments, enabling access to your data in its full context.

Full Traceability

Effortlessly link your experiments with your custom relational databases to track anything in your lab, including samples and inventory. Our no-code databases are fully flexible and can be adapted to suit any use case!

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